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Search Engine Optimization

We can go into a lengthy dissertation on the long, boring details of how, what and why Search Engine Optimization works. You will probably have the same reaction as most people of mass confusion and glazed-over eyes. The reason we have specific Search Engine Optimization experts, that do nothing but SEO, is due to the time-consuming nature and complexity of the process.

Here is what you need to know about Search Engine Optimization:
- #1 rank on Google can be worth a fortune (Depending on your industry, it’s worth a small fortune or it’s the gold pot at the end of a rainbow!)
- The #1 rank gets 4 times as many clicks as the 2nd result does
- There are NO shortcuts to SEO
- 95% of the work is done manually
- Part of SEO is done on your website, the rest is done everywhere else
- SEO requires a strategy to be effective
- Doing SEO the wrong way, will hurt your rankings
- If you optimize for Google, the rest will follow
- Search Engine Placement (SEP) is not SEO (SEP is a made-up word)
- Everything you do online, will eventually tie into your SEO somehow
- SEO effectiveness takes time but once it does it really takes off

Ask yourself: Should I consider having RedKnight Marketing do Search Engine Optimization? Is this worthwhile for my business? The answer is simple. If you are already doing other internet campaigns, such as Pay-Per-Click, SEO Is something you should seriously consider. If you are not doing the other aspects of Search Engine Marketing, we recommend you implement other internet campaigns first.

Think about SEO like this: SEO is like a booster to your current online lead generation and sales.

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