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Is direct mail worth it?

Category: General Published on Aug 28 2017

A common misconception in today’s fast paced tech world is that direct mail is dead. While there has been a decrease in the amount of circulation the impact it can have on a potential customer can make it worth while. When it’s the right piece, which fits with your brand image and message, it can be just the opening you need to attract your next customer.

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A Balanced Marketing Budget Is The Key For Small Business

Category: General Published on Jun 24 2016

Many times, small businesses are under the assumption that they can’t afford to do their marketing. However, the reality is that most can’t afford to go without it. Many times doing really cool, engaging and effective marketing does not have to cost a lot, and can still be true to who you are. Here are some things for you to think about and explore as you decide to grow your small business:

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Underestimating Basics of Marketing

Category: General Published on Jan 16 2016

Do not under estimate the basics of marketing

When business owners get started they often start their business with the basics of marketing. They spend time networking, they hand out some basic reading materials and they have a small but sufficient website. What happens over time is they get more work coming in, more income and of course more expenses as well. What often happens is that they then forget about the basics, rather than building on those. 

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How can you undo the damage Yoddle does?

Category: General Published on Jan 15 2016

Recently we watched first hand as Yoddle slowly hi-jacked a client’s online profile. We decided to sit back and see how much they would do, since the client genuinely believed that what was being done was showing results. Here are some of the things they did, and more importantly, what you need to do to undo them. 

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The Death of Email Marketing

Category: General Published on Jan 07 2016

Is overuse of email marketing killing the concept?

Many of us get bombarded with emails from list we signed up for, and many that we have no idea of how we started getting them, throughout the day. We get emails from vendors, sales people, our favorite stores, our social media, our doctors, dentists, consultants and whoever else seems to want to ad us to their list or that for a moment we had a lapse of judgment and signed up for. Do we really respond to these anymore or are emails just automatically deleted by people?

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The Pros Just Do It Better

Category: General Published on Nov 16 2015

When it comes to growing a business the pros do it better…

Or do they? Always keep in mind that the business you have is where it is today because of what you have done. If you are in the growth stages and the business is growing it means you have been doing something right. Time and time again we have people come to us that hired an agency or marketing company that decided it was time to re-vamp their marketing. The results can often be, almost a total loss in new customer acquisition and revenue. So why in the world would you hire a pro?

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Ignoring Your Email Marketing

Category: General Published on Sep 25 2015

Do you know the ROI on your marketing? What you should be doing.  

Over the last few years more hype has been given to social media marketing than any other forms of marketing. The question always remains the same, what is the ROI on any type of marketing you do? For many entrepreneurs this is the one question they do not know the answer to. Even though they should!

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Everything You Need To Know About Modern Marketing

Category: General Published on Sep 15 2015

Nothing has changed with marketing.

For some reason there is this misconception out there that marketing in a modern environment has changed. The reality is that it really has not, what has changed is the frequency in which you can get in front of consumers and the media available. Other than that… things are exactly the same as they have always been.

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1 in 10 odds, what would you risk with those?

Category: General Published on Jan 06 2015

Entrepreneurs are one of a kind people. They take bad odds knowing that they are against them because they are optimists, dreamers and often want to change the world. If not the entire world, then at least the part of it they know and relate with. They often start businesses knowing that chances are it will fail, at least statistically. 

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What is the true cost of cheap or free?

Category: General Published on Mar 21 2012

We run into a lot of people that keep saying how good of a deal they got, because something was free. Just because something was free or really cheap, does that mean you got a good deal? The answer to that is in the question itself, especially when it comes to your business and your brand.

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Just starting out your business and no idea where to start?

Category: General Published on Jan 30 2012

Every year thousands of new businesses open up, yet the market doesn´t get condensed because as quickly as they came, they are gone again. Most of these businesses never even understand why this happened, other than the fact that they didn´t make any money. So what can you do differently in order to maximize your success? Here are a few tips that we hope you can use.

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Is your industry the next dinosaur?

Category: General Published on May 07 2011

The way things are going with technology it seems like more and more industries are falling victim to technological evolution. 5 years ago, could you have predicted that Blockbuster would be closing the majority of their stores? Many people could have, but for some reason most people still seem surprised. The reason I wanted to write about this is simple, as a business owner you have to stay alert and understand that technology will affect your business at some point, regardless of your industry.

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Groupon and Living Social hot topic or great marketing strategy?

Category: General Published on May 05 2011

Recently more and more people have started asking us if using marketing  services such as Groupon or Living Social is a good idea, or if it is  something they will lose money on. The answer to that question is  simple, but will require some explanation. If done right, these  marketing tools can be just as good as any other tool you have access  to.

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What should I spend on internet marketing for my small business?

Category: General Published on Feb 28 2011

With more and more of the large corporations, spending a large part of their total marketing dollars on online marketing, many small businesses owners think they have to follow suit. But moving a large part of your small business marketing budget online may not be what you should be doing.

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Internet marketing requires basic business sense

Category: General Published on Feb 18 2011

Many people talk as if internet marketing is something everyone should get into because it is so easy to do and there is so much money to be made online. Unfortunately internet marketing is just like any other business, 9 out of 10 never make any money and end up quitting. This means that only about 10% of people actually end up making any money from their work on the internet.

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Multi-level marketing - new technology makes it easier to succeed

Category: General Published on Jan 06 2011

Multi-level marketing is not what it used to be, at least for those MLM businesses that have picked up on technology and started utilizing it fully. Every day more and more people within the MLM industry realize the potential of using technology and the main company is left behind.

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Small business marketing nightmares, time to wake up and learn from the Chef!

Category: General Published on Jan 04 2011

I was watching a show on television called Kitchen Nightmares featuring the man from Hell’s Kitchen, the ever so wonderful and soft spoken Chef Gordon Ramsay. Now besides the fact that he finds restaurants that are really in trouble and helps them, which of course is very nice of him, there is something more that can be learned from this show. As a marketer and a former restaurant owner this show is of course right up my alley. Especially since there is so much marketing value in the show.

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Do-it-yourselfers: A unique species of business owners or a term for them all?

Category: General Published on Jan 01 2011

I remember a few years ago when I worked for a small business owner. It was a very unique experience that taught me quite a bit about what a single person can do, an even more important what a single person can not do!

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