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Your Stuff Is Ugly, That's Why Sales Are Down

Category: Graphic Design and Branding Published on Feb 04 2016

Your stuff is ugly and your business is suffering

Was your first reaction something like: Ouch! That’s a bit harsh.

These words may not be nice, but unfortunately for many small businesses and startups they are true. While some people are blissfully unaware, many are painfully aware of the truth and will go into full denial about how their marketing material, product or service looks from the outside looking in. The reality is, it’s your baby and no parent ever wants to call their baby ugly (even if it is).

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Did You Think Through Your Logo?

Category: Graphic Design and Branding Published on Jan 27 2016

Did you think your logo through, before you started using it?

It seems to be harder and harder for small businesses to justify spending money on graphic design. Many are turning to using freelancers, bid sites and who knows what else to try and get the best deal they can on their new logo design. Rarely people stop and ask why it is something you might want to spend a little money on. Here is an example as to why you might want to pay a little more to get a professional to do it, rather than just a freelancer. 

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Just use clipart as your logo, you will be fine!

Category: Graphic Design and Branding Published on Jan 04 2013

Countless times we have heard this from business owners, consultants and various startups. Focus on getting the name right, make sure it explains what you do, who you are and what you offer people don´t worry about a logo right now. That is the common theme we hear and couldn´t be farther from the truth. In reality your name is almost irrelevant compared to your logo. Make sure you get it right!

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Do you think your graphic designer is doing your marketing?

Category: Graphic Design and Branding Published on Mar 02 2011

Very often we run into business owners that say they are doing marketing and start pulling out all the materials they have had created. After looking at the materials, we start noticing a common pattern. Every piece was designed as an individual piece with no regard as to a marketing strategy.

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