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Yes we understand, everybody uses the word “consulting.” The reality is, we cannot find a better word for it! Instead of telling you we are consultants, we are going to explain our services. If you can give us a more appropriate word, we welcome it. Please let us know!

Below are the only services that we offer as fixed and hourly pricing. Select any combination of the below based on your business needs.

Fixed Price “Consulting” Services:
- Demographic Profile Creation
- Marketing Avatar Creation
- Advertisement Screening
- Current Advertising Spend Review
- Website Review and Recommendations
- ROI Review and Tracking
- Implementation Ideas

Hourly Rate “Consulting” Services:
- Monthly Consulting (Call us any time with any marketing questions)
- Online Marketing Strategy Creation
- Brand Review and Recommendations
- Strategy Sessions
- Marketing Review (All of your marketing and materials)
- Other (that has not been fixed priced yet…)

Our in-house staff has decades of combined marketing knowledge and experience. This is your chance to take advantage of all this knowledge. If we do not know the answer, we will research it for you.

The only way to truly discover what we can do for you is to contact us and have a conversation. Our initial consultation is completely free, so why not? It will give us a chance to learn more about your business and industry and give you a chance to think about some ideas you may have never thought of!